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Redwood Script - Extension Point - Authenticate

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We have a basic Extension Point created in SAP BPA 9.1.
The extension point receives a HTTP POST from a SAP LaMa system and processes the data sent.
What we would like to do now is authenticate the inbound call, which can send a basic authorisation header.
I can see getRemoteUser() in ExtensionPointHttpServletRequest, but how do I force the request through the Netweaver authentication stack?
Is this even possible?

Many thanks


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Hi Darryl,

Unfortunately ExtensionPoints don't understand basic authentication. I will file an enhancement for this.

You can add parameters auto_user=<username>&auto_password=<pw> to the request to perform the login.

Alternatively, you can add an authtoken on the request that you validate on the ExtensionPoint. Then you can make it External which will not require authentication and set an Action Subject under which the tasks will be performed.

Regards Gerben