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Reducing database size of a Development System

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Hi all.

We have refreshed PRD into DEV due to degradation of this environment and due to simplification of Unicode Conversion of our landscape.

We know that this might not be the optimus procedure, but once we've done it, we are now facing the task of reducing the large amount of data in DEV.

We have been told to archive the data through standard archive procedures, but we would like to speed up this process (particularly slow in our landscape). We are thinking on truncating the big tables of the system (probably saving some data, for 2007 for example) then performing export/import reduce the database size.

Anyone has faced and succesfully acomplished this task? Is it complex? Risky?

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Antonio Romero


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For this purpose SAP as a separate product, it´s called TDMS - Test Data Migration Server.With this you can create non-production system easily, such as "only year 2006 and 2007" and this will lead to a smaller database size.

With standard tools you´re pretty lost since you can´t just truncate tables...