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Reduce saptools_log_001.dat size

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Dear experts,

Using SAP Note 1989768 - Error 1105 encountered against the log segment of the saptools database on SAP ASE

I increased too much space for it.

How could I reduce the size?

Thank you.


Fadzly Iqbal

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have done the same mistake in the past but on one database devices not the log devices.

This is what I did to reduce the space which was a bit tricky.

In your instance I think you should be able to stop the application, dump transaction saptools dump transaction SID using config = 'SIDLOG' if you have dump configured.

For log you could use my procedure , still with application offline and DB only running in single user mode. Also make full backups beforehand as always is good practice.

Instead of alter database <database> off you wold change syntax from this:

alter database databasename off database_data_File-'60000M'


to this:

alter database saptools log off logsaptools_1="60000M"


I think you will first have to add a secondary smaller log device i.e. logsaptools_2 and once you have reclaimed used space from logsaptools_1 you should be able to drop and recreate it with the correct small size. I would also suggest you add auto extending on the tablespaces etc via dbacockpit. The off and log off is a long running process too me several nights after hours to correct.

As for the log off procedure just confirm but it should hold true, but I am speaking under possible correction.

Kind Regards,


If you are unsure rather confirm with SAP AG.

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