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Reduce/Enlarge Navigation Panel

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I want to do away with the Reduce/Enlarge options on the navigation panel (as it is on this site). I have followed tips from several other forum threads but am still having issues.

First I removed the icons and set the height and width of the icons to 0px. This resulted in the buttons going away but if you mouseover where they should be the tool tips "Reduce navigation panel" and "Enlarge navigation panel" are still available - and if you click it will still Reduce/Enlarge.

Next I downloaded the file and edited the WAandNavPanel.jsp file. I commented out the columns for the Reduce/Enlarge options (the two columns in the table where id = nav_panel_buttons_table where title = NAV_PANEL_REDUCE_LABEL & NAV_PANEL_ENLARGE_LABEL

Anyway after uploading the new file the user is still able to Reduce/Enlarge the Panel. I have also tried restarting the server but still the options exist. Any Suggestions?

I have also tried to change the default width by changing the defaultExpWidth=220 to defaultExpWidth=300 in and WAandNavPanel.js files, but the column always loads as 220. Makes me wonder if I am even in the correct par file?

Edited by: TA on Nov 3, 2008 8:44 PM

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Answers (2)

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Aah! I have finally figured it out. I was going by posts refering to but I should have been modifying

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Hi TA,

I am sorry for posting irrelevant thing in this thread.

I saw one of your thread

in which you exported the data from table into Excel using HSSFWorkBook.

I am trying to implement the same but i am facing some problem.

Please find my posts in these threads

Please let me know the solution for this issue


Bala Duvvuri