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Red Asterisk for Mandatory fields

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Hi All,

We have a Syclo Application built in Agentry. And the requirement is to display a Asterisk in Red color against all the fields which are mandatory in a form.  Since the color of the asterisk should be Red, we cannot simply append a * to the required labels. Any thoughts on how to achieve this in Agentry



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As adding a style to a field changes the whole field, what you can do is create a new Label field just before field you using and and add the style Red to it.  You may need to do move the old field over a little bit.  It will more look like " *  Workorder" but as you can't have 2 color labels.

Else, you can have two label fields and then a field the user enters the data in like

<Label><asterisk><imput field"

Longtext * _________

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Thanks Stephen