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Recursive file count in KM.....

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Hi everyone,

I have developed a KM Navigation iview where in i show the child count of files.

However, i Need the recursive child count at the top.

For example if there is this folder structure


- Folder1 (3 Files)

- Folder11

- FileA

- Folder12

- FileB

- FileC

- Folder2

- Folder21 (4 Files)

- FileD

- FileE

- Folder22

- FileF

- FileG

Please let me know if this is possible.

Kindly help.

Thanks and Regards,

Amol Ghodekar.

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Hi Amol,

the information of the recursive child count is not available by default. To get it, you could implement a property renderer or property read filter that computes the information on runtime using ICollection.getChildren() recursively. For performance reasons, I can not recommend it.



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Hi Amol,

can you give in detail the solution , me too facing same problem while trying to retrieve the list of files form a folder .

and IResourceList is not defined to type?

a small example would be good .