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Recover HANA DB with no backup and lost log area


It is posible to recover a HANA Db only from data files. The Log Area was lost and they have no recent backup.

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What does the documentation research that you undoubtedly have done before posting tell you?

NO! It's not possible.

The database cannot be recovered.

You might get lucky though, by being able to restart the database to the last successfully written savepoint. If this is a production system and the data cannot be recovered in any other way, the development support might be able to get the database open again.
Please understand that I wrote "might" not "will". There's no good backup to use, which means the single most important bit of DB administration has been neglected. That indeed is the problem to tackle, once you got the data back.

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Thank you for your answare. This was also my ideea, how can I start the datatabase to the last successfull savepoint. The long story short - the server was bring from abroad , one of the disks from the log area was lost and the backup was made on a network share and can not be accessed anymore