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RECORDMODE warning in Transformation

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Hello Experts

I created transformations from the data sources 2LIS_02_HDR and 2LIS_02_ITM to an ODS. However, while trying to activate the transformation, I am getting the following warning:

Rule 1 (target: 0RECORDMODE group: 01 Technical Group 😞 Constant is initial

What does this mean. will it have any impact if I gnore it and continue with the activation.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rishi,

Don't Ignore.

0Recordmode is an infoobject meant for facilitating Delta upload via ODS.You need to incorporate this infoobject into your ODS and plug it with a delta relevant field, in case you want delta upload into your ODS.

The heart of delta mechanism lies in (if at all u require a delta) the 0Recordmode.

Plz try to read and understand whats all about 0Recordmode so that u will be convinced Why you had to enter this Characteristic along with ur existing Char/KF InfoObjects.

Hope this helps.


Hemant Khemani

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