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Recommended connection method for a SAP PO/PI NW7.5 AEX (Java Only) System with ABAP Systems

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Hello Colleagues,

I have a question about an architecture concept regarding a SAP PO / PI System NetWeaver 7.5 AEX (Java) in a classical SAP ABAP (ERP, BI, etc.) environment regarding the correct connection method.

RFC/IDoc already known classic connection methods.

On earlier projects we use the (ABAP) proxy technology to connect ABAP systems with SAP PI.

What would be the recommended connection method for a SAP PO / PI NetWeaver 7.5 AEX (Java Only) system in a classic ABAP environment?

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Hello Ariel, Hello Evgenly,

many thanks to you for answer with helpfully informations especially with the very interessting blog post.

My understanding is, yes you should use ABAP proxy as preferred (recommended) integration solution but can further use RFC/IDoc as a simple well known connection method. I think a good starting point is to enable the landscape for a future proxy communication. At second step new integration scenarios can use proxy technologie, RFC/IDoc can migrate to proxy, if its makes sense.

But classic integration scenarios are still considered a possible option.