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Recommendation for transport

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now I want to transport in PI 7.1 my objects from SLD, ESR and ID from DEV to QA and later to PROD.

What is a recommanded way?

Transport by using the File System Transport (Export/Import)?

In ESR is very easy to export all the objects and import them in the QA.

But for SLD and ID its not so easy, for example in the QA I need different names for my business system, for the comm. channels different settings in the technical system different ip an so on ...

Or it is a better way to use CMS?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The file transfer will simply export the objects to a TPZ file, allowing you to import on the target system. This requires manual copying and paste of the object and have no further control.

CTS+ on the other side, allows the environment to maintain transport requests with control over objects audit. For example, an object must be created on DEV, then after being developed it must go to QA system and will only be sent to PROD when this object was approved by the respective team on QA. For more information on CTS+, please check the help page below.

In CTS+ a unique number - Transport number is created to track it & you have Java & ABAP object in it


Change Management Service (CMS) is an infrastructure based on Netweaver Developer Infrastructure and it is used to transport development objects (e.g. XI interfaces) between different systems in your lanscape.

CMS is running in SAP J2EE Engine

CMS provides central for administrative and QM tasks for all JAva development Systems.


  • Track defination

  • Development configuration defination

  • Defien runtime systems and deployment paths

CMS is the central point of access for developers to get new development configurations

Read this to have more details on CMS and it's use with XI

CMS for SAP Exchange Infrastructure

PLS REFER BELOW Threads about difference between CTS+ AND CMS:

if you need tracks then use CMS otherwise have to use CTS.+

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