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Recommendation for Collaboration in SAP Portal

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We have EP 7.0 SP14, and are starting to evaluate implementing collaboration functionality. We would prefer a SAP solution, but are not impressed with the current collaboration functionality on EP 7.0. SAP appears to be revamping their collaboration solution with 7.2, but that is not slated to be released until the end of 2009. Should we wait for this release, or implement another solution?

We currently have a very limited implementation of SharePoint. Should we expand SharePoint company-wide and integrate it with EP instead of waiting?

All recommendations will be awarded points, with the best awarded the most.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Andrew,

That is a very interesting problem... to wait or not... I guess that depends on how urgently you need something

To be honest I feel that SAP have been generally behind the curve when it comes to Collaboration functionality and in many instances Microsoft's Sharepoint may suit your needs better - of course MS has more of a legacy in Collaboration software so is well placed to provide a nice integrated solution with Sharepoint.

To me it really is down to "horses for courses", from the Tech Ed presentations this year it was clear that SAP was not going to try to be all things to all people - SAP will concentrate on certain areas and deliver a basic set of functions but will then partner with companies that provide point solutions in particular areas.

My advice would be to go with what you have and what you know now, not to wait for the unknown sometime in the future - you might be waiting a long time!

Hope that hasn't confused you even more!



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