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Receiver SELECT message?

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I'm setting up a sync SELECT query to a Receiver and I believe I have the XML-SQL formatted correctly. I ran the SQL and verified that it returns a record. The message processes and appears to send the SELECT XML-SQL to the database, but I never see a return message. Is there a step I'm missing for identifying the return message to XI? Below is the XML-SQL and my understanding of this structure will result in the following SQL statement.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

- <ns:PO_HEADER_in xmlns:ns="">


- <PO_HEADER action="SELECT">


- <access>

















- <key>










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There is nothing to be done at the query part.

To see the return message, you have two options:

1) If you want to use receiver JDBC adapter, as you are doing now, you need to go for a Synchronous scenario.

You Can refer to the document format for Receiver JDBC Adapter:

You can also have some idea with the help of this link:

File to JDBC scenario,


Also please check your scenario on the followinf points,

In a sychronous scenario you have a request and a response message type. For the request message,you create a <i>data type for the Select query</i> as you have already done. In the response message type you create a <i>data type similar to the XML response structure</i>, which comes from the Database, you can see the structure in SXMB_MONI.

2) The second option is use a sender JDBC Adapter. That would change your scenario but if you are not providing the data for where clause in the Select query at runtime, better go for this option. Here you <b>need not</b> create a data type similar to the XML strcture for the Select query because you write the query in the Configuration part of the Sender JDBC Adapter.

You can even try <i>Stored Procedures</i>, please go through this link:


I hope this helps,

Thanks & Regards,

Varun Joshi