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Receiver mail channel - Configuration of email id's

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I am using mail package in receiver mail channel. Is there anyway that we can configure the 'To' email id's in the integration directory with mail package being used (either by adding some entries in the module/identifiers tabs etc., ?

I don't want to have the email id's to be taken either through mapping or property file etc.,

I appreciate your reply.



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Hi RGopal,

If the payload is in mail package format, the header information is used for the e-mail. For that make the entries for mail attributes (From, To, Subject).

Specifications for mail attributes:

1.On the Parameters tab page of the communication channel you have created newly or the existing one ; select the adapter type Mail.

2.Then select the Receiver radio button to define the adapter as a receiver adapter.

○ Under From, specify the e-mail address from which the message is sent.

○ Under To, specify the e-mail address that will receive the message. If you enter more than one address, you must separate them with a semicolon.

If you have specified an IMAP server under URL, the message is saved in the specified folder but is not sent to the receiver specified under To.

○ Under Cc, specify the other e-mail addresses to which the e-mail is to be sent.

These addresses are visible to the receiver.

○ Under Bcc, specify the other e-mail addresses to which the e-mail is to be sent.

These addresses are not visible to the receiver.

○ Enter the Subject of the e-mail message.

○ Specify whether you want to encode the content of the e-mail message. You have the following options:

■ None

■ Base64 (default value)

■ quoted-printable

○ If you have selected XIPAYLOAD as the message protocol and you want to forward XI attachments in the e-mail attachments, select Keep Attachments.

You use the PayloadSwapBean module to swap the application payload with one of the attachments.

See: PayloadSwapBean

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Hi Jyothi,

Thanks for the reply. However, if u choose mail package, you can't add From, To, Subject in the channel directly in the parameters tab. I wanted the To email id's to be, somehow, added in the channel configuration in the Int directory without populating them in message mapping.