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Receiver Determination X Path Condition PI 7.3

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scnario: jdbc > file  (using seeburger conversion modules to generate ANSI X12 EDI messages)

We are using multimapping as we have to generate each message "LIST' (seeburger) based on source "row" (JDBC), Everything else works fine with single like creating LIST messsages based on source 'row"


when the single map generates lets say 9 LIST messages, all the 9 messages been received by all 3 receivers even though the receiver condition is specfied ex Werks = test1, Werks=test2, Werks = 3.....

I was expecting each receiver should recieve only 3 files based onr receiver determination condotion but each receiver receving all 9 messages

Alternative, I have created 3 maps and each map filters the messages based on Werks condition then receiver determination works fine

I tried with context object usinf insert rule (not local rule) in receiver dertermination

I know receiver determination acts first than interface determination, however when I try to set the same  xpath condition in interface determination it is not saving and the occurance is 0...unbounded as its a multimapping scenario

- will enhanced receiver determination will work using one map or in one map I have to use different message like message1 , message2, message3... and filter the mapping

inputs are appreciated I  googled most of the documents....could not find an answer

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Hi Gopal,

Receiver determination will not filter the message, so if you use standard or enhance receiver determination it will not change the behavior. the possible solution for your scenario is

1) Filter the message in interface determination (in mapping).\

2) have two stage scenario from JDBC to SOAP (internal service) and from SOAP to receiver system. In the first flow split the message (9 row 9 message) and then put receiver determination condition in SOAP to receiver scenario.

I hope it help !!