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Receipt - movement of stock from plant to yard

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Hi Gurus,

I have a stock scenario where I need to calculate the receipt of stock. Where the Receipt will be the movement of stock from plant to yard. I am using the std cube 0IC_C03. So my doubt is that Can I use the key figure 0RECVALSTCK from the cube 0IC_C03 for this? & if i restrict it by yard values then will I get the receipts at yard, will this be valid design? or will i have to use the movement types along with this also? or only using the movement types??



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Answers (2)

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In the std cube 0IC_C03, you won't have movement types. If you want to just get the total received qty at the yard, then you can restrict by yard values to get the receipts at yard.



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Hi Suhas,

Movement types is available in 2LIS_03_BF datasource, so i have mapped it & got into the cube.

besides I have used the receiving plant available in the BF D/S & here I restrict it by the yard values.

Pl let me know if the above things are ok/correct.



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Hi Gurus, any ideas?