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Reassign of the ZMMJ document to another project (SAP Best Practice)

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Hi to all,

after you perform successful  reassignment  of  your ZMMJ  to another project this document will be solo without link to the source ZMCR (the information from where  change document  arrived - will be nice to have) . ZMCR can not be moved therefore you have to move just documents or transports to another project

Very frequent problem  is during staging/build phase customer  initially overload the project, and later he wants to distribute the load with the  the other existing  projects.

With the possibility to reassign  ZMMJ in the phase maintenance phase In Development w/o Release there are a lot of restriction

To my mind CHARM document reassignment is not best solution:

  • slightly better  solution will be to do reassignment of the transport instead of complete document , then you will lose complete documentation  related to the change !
  • if you change project for your Change Document then you will lose link to the ZMCR  and you will have zombie ZMMJ
  • this reassignment make sense just for ZMTM Defect Correction anyway it does not belongs to ZMCR )

What will be the best approach - to deal with this solo reassigned ZMMJ  in your new project environment.

Is there SAP best practice for this case?

All suggestions are  more then welcomed.

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Answers (2)

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Dear Boris,

I am facing the same issue, however I still do not have a solution I found this KBA which may also be of interest for your, since the scenarios are described in more depth:

1969503 - Project reassignment breaking Link between "Request for
Change" and Change document in Sol...

I will let you know if I encounter a solution.


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Hi Boris,

It is surprising to know that CD loses it's back link to CR once the Project assignment is changed !! I had never come across this before. I will take a look at my system to understand what is happening .