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Realtime replication from Oracle to SAP HANA, Required roles workaround

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We would like to replicate in realtime data from Oracle to SAP HANA.

We are using SDI and OracleLogAdapter in our DEV environment and it works fine.

Unfortunnately we can not use it on PROD because it requires too much critical privilege in Oracle Database like:

Alter Any Table and SELECT on SYS.Users (In this table, we can get Password for all users).

Is there any workaround or any others tools or any solutions to replicate data in real time from oracle to HANA ?

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Answers (1)

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CHANGE DATA CAPTURE MECHANISM CDC which is part of SLT would be one more option to explore .You can also implement customized Change Data Capture Mechanism CDC , wherein in each oracle Source Data Table you would implement Trigger which will move INSERTED/UPDATED/DELETED data to CDC tables , you create CDC Views in Oracle Source system to get this Changed data to HANA . You create XSA/XSC project to connect to Oracle data base CDC Views using Oracle JDBC driver and collect the data into HANA stage ,and then into your target HANA tables (One more layer). You keep track of last time update in target HANA system , and when you go for next running the oracle Database CDC view you provide the last time update input parameter based upon which when next run takes place you bring in the delta from change data capture source Oracle tables .

Obvious this needs SELECT privileges to connect to Oracle and to Oracle Views.