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reading external (OData) API from cap

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Hello All,

I have a requirement to read the data from the external sap odata service from the s4hana system. but, getting below error.

SAP destination is already Basic authorization.

Error during request to remote service: Received content type 'text/html' which is not part of accepted content types



Node.js SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

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@pragnesh_parmar Could you share the code and describe what you were trying to do when the error occurred? That way, I (and the community) can offer you better support.
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That's not a Content Type that you should get back from a successful OData API service call - hence the error.

My gut tells me that you might be getting an error during the call and that the API might be poorly implemented enough to be emitting HTML-based error messages.  You might want to verify that you can call the service using something like Postman.  If the call succeeds, you can verify the content type is something like "application/xml", or "text/xml" (different OData service providers will use one of several XML or JSON content types here).  You can force an error, too, to expose the difference.

If this is looking like what's happening, working around it will depend upon the API that you are using to make the call.