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Reading Excel Workbook using Adapter Instance on AIX platform?

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I have installed apaters on Job Server on AIX platform, I have also added Adapter Instance 'BOExcelAdapter'

and successfully started.

When I try to import a Excel Workbook from a Windows Machine i get the following error:

Error preparing to read <format_excel_country>:

<Exception occurs when executing 'begin' method of the adapter operation with ID [2]>

Do I need file services software like Samba ?

What are the prerequisites on AIX platform to import a Excel Workbook from a Windows Machine

with a Job Server on a AIX platform ?

Thank You


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can also check for more detailed errors on Management Console -> Administration -> Adapater instances -> BOExcelAdapter -> Error Log

You will need to put the excel file onto the AIX Job Server machine, and specify the path from the Job Server perspective when running the job.

If you use Samba server and map the drive to your PC where Designer is running, you can use the same file for importing and for running your job; just with a different path. Otherwise you will have to copy the file between PC and AIX Job server machine, using ftp, for example. Note that filenames on AIX are case-sensitive; and for the excel adapter they need to have a .xls extension (lower case).

Often there is an issue if you have graphs, Auto-Filter or formulas in your spreadsheets, or if the worksheet name (tab name) is not exactly as you specified. Normaly you should just have plain Text data in columns with a row for Column headings. You should also set format in Excel to 'Text'. If you have issuse with datatypes, you can prefix the numbers in Excel with an apostrophe (').

Hope that helps

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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for excel you will have to import the schema from Desiger, you don't have to do that using Adapter, it should be done from the object library, click on the Formats tab, select the Excel, and right click and select New

for this you will have to copy the execl to the windows machine, and import the schema for excel by specifying the path of the excel o

you will need adapter for running the job, you don't have to change anything for the job, it will run on windows or unix job server, only thing you have make sure is the source file is accessible on the job server