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Read Excel File in SAP PI

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Hi All,

I am working on a requirement of picking a excel (xsl or xlsx) file from shared location in SAP ECC and send it to some other location at target side with out any transformation.

I have read many blogs and could required information for developing .

But still need some more information and so I am posting here . So my doubt is " Do I have to create ESR objects for this " if so why do i need to create. This doubt comes to be becz it is only processing file from one location to other location only then why ESR objects.

If I have to create ESR objects will that be based on Excel file data fields.

Appreciate your valuable inputs.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Sarika,

I agree with Pulak, if you do no transformation then you don't need to create ESR and can use dummy interface names.
But I remember that I had problems using the mail adapter because the receiver couldn't open the file.
To solve this I used Scenario 3 - Mail with Body and Attachments in this blog from Eng Swee.


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Dear Sarika,

If your requirement is to read the excel file and copy (I assume no mapping is involved in here) it to a different location, then you don't need to create ESR at all. You can bypass ESR objects by using a dummy interface name and operation mapping name in ID.

But if you require mapping, then you must use valid ESR objects.


Pulak Ghosh