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Here is the deal:

Does anyone how to display value read from BAPI using JCA?

Iam able to display all the table values except a value that returns the count.(Type I)

I know the table values could be stored in a model looping through using while(table.hasNext())

This is a value that u wud normally retrieve if it is a structure but the value is a simple parameter itz a table value.

Thank you all.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Taylor,

Are you trying to get scalar parameter? You could do the following.

Integer count = (Integer) exportParams.get("XXXX");

XXXX=whatever is the name of your scalar parameter.

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It is not a scalar parameter.

XXXX you mentioned in my case is a table but the value it returns is an integer not a set of rows.

Thank you prakash singh.

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If you post your BAPI name then it will make it easier for me. But the code will look following.

IRecordSet data = (IRecordSet) exportParams.get("XXXX");
while ({
 int val =  data.cell_data.getInt("XXX2");

XXXX = internal table name

XXX2 = field inside internal table

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Thank you

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