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Read a JMS queue with a timer event

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Hi experts,

I would like to know, if is it possible to read data from a JMS queue with a timer?
I want to run my JMS queue receiver flow daily, but I cannot connect the sender to a timer event. I want the data to be stored in JMS queue until the timer run the receiver flow.

This is what my receiver flow looks like right now...


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For once a day it would make sense to employ a daily timer on your JMS sender.
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Actually, I said once a day like an example, but I need a timer that calls like 5 to 5 minutes, checking if there is some message

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Maybe you can do this via 2 iflows.

The first iflow would be a jms adapter connected to start message.

In the second iflow you can schedule it using a timer and then call deploy integration flow API to call the first iflow.