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Reached timeout error for SAPUI5 application launched in SAP CRM WebUI

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We are facing an error message as "Reached timeout of 10000ms waiting for a response from parent window - sap/ui/security/FrameOptions" on the browser (error displayed on browser console) after the SAPUI5 application is successfully launched in SAP CRM WebUI.

Due to this error, the browser restricts interaction with the SAPUI5 application.

We have also followed the steps mentioned in SAP note 2733908 - Interacting with Fiori application from CRM Web UI is not working, but the issue is still observed.

Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Dear Saurabh,

where you able to solve the issue by applying the steps described in Note 2733908?

Best regards

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Dear Gregor,

Actually we found out that the issue was related to the FrameOptions set in the SAP UI5 application. On making changes in the application it worked like a charm 🙂

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Hello gregorw, I have the same issue but on a btp cap application when displayed on an iframe, and I still haven't found a solution that solves it!

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