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Re: WebdynPro Callable object implementation

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Hi Gurus,

I am new to CAF GPs. While doing an application regarding

"Implementing WebdynPro Callable objects in GP" the Design Time for creating technical description i am using this piece of code..........

IGPTechnicalDescription technicalDescription = TechnicalDescriptionFactory.newTechnicalDescription("CO_NAME","CO_DESCRIPTION",resourceAccessor,locale);

My problem is its showing error like "TechnicalDescriptionFactory cannot be resolved."

For your reference i am including the link for my application's document

The below information i found in

Create technical description.

The technical description is created through the TechnicalDescriptionFactory.newTechnicalDescription() method. It requires resource accessor and original locale, as well as resource keys for the localizable name and description of the callable object.

I have reference for GPWebDynproResourceAccessor but i didnt understand what the others are.

Please solve my issue...i am desperately in need of it.

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Refer this link

Make sure the below dependencies are added

Local Development ® GP-CORE ® caf/eu/gp/api/wd (public part GPWebDynproCO)

Local Development ® GP-CORE ® caf/eu/gp/api (public part external)

Local Development ® ENGFACADE ® tc/je/usermanagement/api (public part api)

For TechnicalDescription import



IWDTextAccessor textAccessor = wdComponentAPI.getTextAccessor();

GPWebDynproResourceAccessor resourceAccessor =

new GPWebDynproResourceAccessor(textAccessor);

IGPTechnicalDescription technicalDescription = GPCallableObjectFactory

.createTechnicalDescription("CO_NAME", "CO_DESCRIPTION",

resourceAccessor, locale)

where textAccessor is your component textAccessor so that you can give your callable object name in the Message Pool and access it using


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