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RE: Support Pack installation

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I'm not a BASIS Consultant. But I'm trying to install a Support pack in the BW System.

Here are the steps that I'm following. But there is some issue with the support pack installation. Can anyone guide me where I'm wrong.

Basically I'm trying to install the SP6 for the BW system so that I can install the BPC 7.5 NW SP6 on the BPC side.


2. Load packages from the FrontEnd

3. Selected the package, open, decompress.

4. the file is extracted to the C:\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in folder.

5. run>cmd>SAPCAR -xvf K-75006INCPMBPC.SAR

6. The file is extracted to the C:\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in folder as CSR0120031469_0050776.PAT

7.Then I click on Installation Package>Load Package>From Application Server

8. This is the message that I'm getting.

Message Text OCS file already exists in inbox. Upload not required.

9. I do not know where I need to correct myself. Is there any guide or can You show me where I should search about the SP6 installation on the BW system.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have already compressed the support package two times, so the message which you see at step 8 is quite OK.

Either you execute step 2,3,4 OR you execute 5,6,7 - same thing altogether.

Support packages are applied using SPAM/SAINT but I think here you need to use only the SPAM transaction as you are going for just a higher SP for an already installed component. So do it via SPAM. Read the documentation how to upgrade the support pack via SPAM.

By the way, which note or guide you are referring to upgrade the BW to SP6 ? And which particular component you are trying to upgrade ? Is it SAP_BW or BI_CONT ?


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Prior to support pack deployment, please ensure

1) You have taken an healthy backup of the system

2) You have upgraded to the latest Kernel, TP (in any), R3trans (if any)

3) You have applied Maintenance Certificate

4) You have upgraded SPAM


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Hi Very sorry for the late reply.

We used T-code SPAM for upgrading the SPAM level to 43

We are on BW 7.01 SP5

Now we were able to install the Support Packs.

When I go into the


2. Imported Suport Packages

3. Display

4. Under CPMBPC

5. It shows SAPK-75008INCPMBPC CPMBPC 750: Support Package 0008

With this I assume that the BPC 7.5 NW System has the Support pack 8.

Then I uninstalled the BPC Server by going into the Add/Remove Programs.

Then I downloaded the BPC 7.5 NW Files BPCSERVER08_0-10009080.EXE and BPCSERVER08P_2-10009080.EXE

I installed them on the server where the BPC is installed.

Everything is fine until now.

But when I'm trying to restore the SAP_IFRS Appset, (BPCNWSKIFRS00_1-20007298.RAR) , these were the steps followed as per the guide.

1. T-code UJBR

2. Select the Appset from the Front end.

3. Named the Appset as SAP_IFRS

4. Selected the 3 checkboxes

(a) Restore Metadata Tables

(b) Restore Master Data

(c) Restore Transaction Data

5. Selected the Record Count to 0

6. Hit F8

7. I got the errors below

8. Not all Info Objects Can be Read.

9. Invalid Attribute name (MBR__SEQ) in Dimension INTERCO

10.Master Data Load for Dimension INTERCO ended with ans error

11. Invalid Attribute Name (MBR__SEQ) in Dimension OWNACCOUNT

12. Master Data Load for Dimension OWNACCOUNT ened with an error.

13. Master Data Load for Dimension RPTCURRENCY ended with an error

All in all out of the 64 tasks 41 failed and 23 were successful.

Can anyone please help me on this.

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Hi all,

Thanks a lot for the response.

I found out the problem. It was rectified after applying the Notes 1497664, 1499416, 1503073, 1506591.

Once we edit the Program, we are able to restore the appset with out any errors.

Thanks again for Your help.