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Re-initializing LIS datasource

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Dear All,

We are pulling data into purchasing info cube 0PUR_C01 through the datasources 2LIS_02_ITM and 2LIS_02_SCL. We need to do a re-init of the data starting from 1st march 2009. When we do this via the info pack the systems returns a message "no data available for selection".

I am not sure whether its necessary to fill the setup tables prior to the init run and if so can anyone let me know whether the setup table can be filled from the 1st of march only.

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In r/3 you should delete the purchasing set up tables with transaction code LBWG

after this you can fill the setup table of purchasing in SBIW > MCNB-> purchasing

ofter this you can set in R/3 the daily job that pulls the delta in transaction code LBWE

After this you can load the infopackage in BW

Hope it helps

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Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the reply. Is it always necessary to fill the setup table before you re- initialize the data ? Cant we do anythong without filling the setup table ? As at now the setup tables are filled until Feb 2008.

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Yes, during re-init the data is pulled from setup tables.If there is no data in setup tables, we will not get any data during reinit.Hence we will have to always fill setup tables with required data before reinit.

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you can do setup tables based upon any date say 01.03.2009. (X)

that means if do filling of the setup tables based on X date then the data which is there in the setup tables will be the records what ever posted up to that X date. It doesnt mean that X date should be there in the extractor field which you are trying to filter in the IP.

I hope you got the differenec between setup tabels filling date and IP selection date.

These two entirely different.... the second one speaks abt the data in the extractor and where as first speaks about the time stamp.

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