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Re: Bex Error in Fiscal Year period Variable

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Hi All,

I am using 0P_FPER a variable for fiscal year period to restrict.

1. created a selection in which restricted by value range with variable OP_FPER and offseting it by "-1".

But this is not working in this query I mean the given period is not subtracted by 1.

it is showing the value with respect to the given fiscal year period on the selection filter.

what could be the reason where offset will not work

please help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Let me know your defined 0fiscvarnt in the query?

If yes means where you area defined in "Defalut value" or "Characteristic

Restrictions" area?

If you are defined in "defalut value" means you need move to characteristics restrictions area.

so when you execute the query, the variable 0fiscvarnt are not read as filter thus the offset for 0P_FPER variable didn't work, because defining the variable 0fiscvarnt to certain value is a MUST for using offset

for 0P_FPER variable as our system designed behavior.



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Hi Venkat,

Thanks Venkat.

That was the Exact answer. Thank you very much.

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