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Re-assign a WI to a different WP?

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Is it possible to move a WI, in successfully tested status, to a different Work Package?

Because of the status, I can't decouple transports because they are already in our Pre-Prod. Doesn't anyone know how to do it? It is possible?

Thank you very much.

Marianne CP

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Hello Marianne, 

Please see point 3 of the following KBA: 

2894753 - Focused Build: Performing advanced functionalities for Work Items

It should be possible to reassign Work Items in status "Successfully Tested", status "Handover to release" is the point of no return.

It shouldn't be necessary to decouple the transport requests as long as the Work Package you are swapping to is assigned to a release using the same landscape.

Please note there needs to be at least one Work Item assigned to the Work Package after the reassignment, so a dummy Work Item may be needed to facilitate the reassignment. 

I hope this information is helpful.

SAP Product Support