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Hello experts,

There is an error I have identified in XSLT transformation but don't know how to solve it. When executing standard report RBNK_IMPORT_PAYM_STATUS_REPORT I provide all file details in selection screen and the custom transformation we are using (a custom copy of PAIN002_V3_TO_CPON). There is this sentence from class CL_SXMLP_DATA_ST, method IF_SXML_SERIALIZABLE~DESERIALIZE:

call transformation (m_transformation_deserialize)
parameters (l_ref_params)
source xml reader
result (l_data_refs)
options value_handling = m_opt_value_handling_d.

which launches CX_ST_MATCH_ELEMENT exception. The final error shows "System expected the element '{ PGlobal20/Global}CollectivePaymentOrderNotificatio n_async'" as image attached.

Debugging the XSLT transformation the line which launches the exception is

<nm:CollectivePaymentOrderNotification_async tt:ap="y" tt:lax="on" xmlns:nm="">

Do you know what could be wrong? The element is there

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Hi Gilberto,

Did you get a resolution on this? we are also facing the same issue, getting : "System expected the element '{ PGlobal20/Global}CollectivePaymentOrderNotificatio n_async'" error.

Your inputs would be really helpful.



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Answers (2)

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Dear Gilberto,

have you resolve this error?

Best Regards


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Hello Avila,

Did you get a chance to fix the above issue? I am also facing the same message output while uploading the file through program : RBNK_IMPORT_PAYM_STATUS_REPORT

System expected the element '{ PGlobal20/Global}CollectivePaymentOrderNotificatio n_async'

I am using the XSLT Transformation ( Name of XSL Transformation ) : PAIN002_V3_TO_CPON

Thanks in Advance :

Sridhar Patlola.

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Check if these notes can help you (you can look for more notes if needed):

2915965 - GPI Reason Codes: Processing of ISO Pain.002 with UETR Reference Only

2980077 - GPI Reason Codes: Processing of Multiple ISO Pain.002 with UETR #2

2722795 - Generation of the UETR Unique End-to-End Transaction Reference for payments

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Did it help?