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RAP - READ EML Statement is not fetching any results but it is calling the FOR READ Method

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Hi Experts,

I'm implementing RAP unmanaged scenario, I'm writing the READ EML statement in the custom ACTION method. Still, I'm not getting any results and this READ statement is calling my FOR READ method of the class. I have written the same READ statement inside my FOR READ method as well but there also it is not fetching any results.

Please let me know if there is any solution for this,

P.S. I'm using the custom cds entity to fill the initial data.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Prasad,

READ EML statement will call the RAP BO behavior handler method FOR READ for the entity specified in the EML statement.

Since it is unmanaged implementation here developer needs to implement the FOR READ method i.e Fetching the data from the transactional buffer or from the persistent table for the given keys and map it to the RESULT Whereas in case of Managed implementation RAP framework only handles the FOR READ method.

      IMPORTING keys FOR READ Travel RESULT result.



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Thanks. This information solved this issue for me.