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RAP Model insert text via text association in managed scenario


Hello experts,

we are currently trying to create an managed application via RAP which involves a text table. The two tables are connected via association/composition and we guessed that the creation would be handled through the behavior definition and this statement:

We have two primary keys for the master data table and the description which should be inserted into the text table with the logon language.

When we enter a text and save the entry the application will only create the master data entry, not the text table entry. Now the question, is it possible to archive this in a managed scenario? Or do we have to use unmanaged approach for this?

Thanks and best regards!

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Hello Julian,

thank you for the answer! Sure, here are the snippets:

I-View for the header entity

-View for the description entity

Consumption view for the header entity

Consumption view for the description entity

Behavior definition header entity

Behavior definition description entity

EDIT: Updated the screenshots to reflect current reality.

Thanks and best regards!

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Hey christian.schinner,

first of all thank you very much for providing us your solution. Unfortunately, the first four screenshots are not shown anymore. May I kindly ask you to upload them again?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


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Hi Christian,

Can you please show the snippet of your CDS and BDEF? for which version of S4hana ?

Kind regards,