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RAP - Manage Sales Orders - Version 2 (App ID F3893) pessimistic lock on Edit Button

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Hi Team,

We are trying to understand how lock functionality is implemented in Manage Sales Orders - Version 2(App ID F3893) Fiori app by using pessimistic lock.

if user A is editing the document & then user B must get locking error when trying to edit the same document on edit button.

When user clicks on Edit button on object page, call goes to backend to check sales order is already locked or not. if it is locked then system is giving popup with error as it is already locked.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 193306.png

However not able to understand how this is integrated into this particular app. We want to implement similar functionality on Edit button.

Can someone help to understand how this is done in standard Fiori App (App ID F3893).

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Hi Santosh,

That app uses Behavior Definition R_SalesOrderTP which has Lock Master activated. The implementation for the lock is done in Behavior Pool Class cl_sd_behv_salesorder and local class LHC_SALESORDER method Lock.


You can find further information about Pessimistic Lock in the following post: 

I hope it helps.