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RAP - Create mandatory fields Popup


Hi Community,

I have a managed RAP app and when I mark fields as mandatory, a popup with exactly these fields opens when I create it. After the popup, I get to the object page as usual and can enter the other fields.


Can I switch off this pop-up? I think it only came with oData V4.
It would be even better if I could influence which mandatory fields are in this popup and which are not. The reason is, I have several mandatory fields but they are all split across different sections in the object page. It would only be important to enter the first two via the popup right from the start.

For Example:

I have marked several fields as mandatory, but only the first two are used in the popup.




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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Lars,

to add on to the other answers. The pop up appears when you create because it is either a key field which is not filled in in the backend, or because you have used mandatory:create in the BDEF. 

To mark other fields with the red asterix in UI, field ( mandatory )... suffices. However please take note that there is no runtime check from framework for these particular fields, you have to implement your own validation.
Ref 1!ABAP_VARIANT_2@2@ 
Ref 2