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Rank is sorting oddly: puts 4 over 3

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I have created ranking variables to create Top n / All Others and for other functionality.

The rank number is assigned correctly, I verified with the data.

Why would it sort the Rank Column like this: 1,2,4,3,5 ?

Here is the variable:

=Rank( [Total Quota]; [System]) ForEach( [System]) In( [System])

[Total Quota] is a variable that sums quota for all departments.

Here it shows a simple block and that it won't sort correctly. Without Total Quota in the block it will sort correctly.

Again, I need the variable for uses that using the simple rank and/or sort will not work with.

Any suggestions? Am I disassociating the rank and Total Quota some how?

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Hello Bob,

Description provided is not very clear. I could understand that you want to add Rank on Total quota based on System and also want to Rank based on Department.

When I tried to add rank for sample data, I am getting correct sorting. You can check formula.

Other observation:- I can see SSI has 2 rows so I assume that either aggregation for Total Quota is either None or it is defined as Dimension. Not an issue. I have created a mesure variable for Total QUota and used it.

Can you please share your input data and required output?

You can use excel to show your output and share to forum. It will help other experts to understand the problem.