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Randomly building new Sessions in Stateful MVC

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Hi out there,

it seems to me my WebAS (not me) having a problem with session-handling in a stateful mvc app.

Well there are a Main-Controller and 3 Subs - alle marked as stateful/session - fine. Even the BSP-App is marked as stateful and in sicf the timeout is set to 5 minutes. So far the stateful requests and responses should work but after 4 (not more and nore less) Clicks a new Session is set (can be seen in sm04) and the do_init method of main- an subcontroller(s) are called.

The biggest surprise in debugging: the instantiatet objects (models and controllers) keep their id-number.

Anybody there with an explanation?

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We've had session issues lately and applied these notes:




They took care of it.

Also, download the document attached to this note 616900 - it helped explain a lot of mysteries for me...

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Hi Matt,

unfortenunately it didn't solve the problem. I'm on WebAS 6.40 SP13.

Perhaps there is a wdisp or icm parameter responsible? Anybody a hint?