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RadioButton updates Model (Odata)

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I am new to sapui5 and I wrote a simple form to edit person's information.

I attached a model to this form and bind a context when user selection changes :

var uri = "/person.xsodata";

var oModel = new sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel(uri, true);


var oForm = sap.ui.jsfragment("app.view.fragments.PersonInformation", oController);




Then I would like to save model changes from the gender using RadioButton, I tried several function handler but was not able to fix it.

function handleSelectGender(e) {

    var g = e.getSource().getSelectedItem().getKey();



If then I call model.submitChanges() nothing happens, as update of Model is not detected. If I change another field and then call it updates will be taken on board.

I tried :

function handleSelectGender(e) {

var iIndex = e.getParameter("selectedIndex");

    oForm.getBindingContext().getModel().setProperty("selectedIndex", iIndex);


But there is no update of the model.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I managed to fix it :

function handleSelectGender(e) {
              var g = e.getSource().getSelectedItem().getKey();
              var oBindingContext = oForm.getBindingContext();
              oBindingContext.getModel().setProperty("gender", g, oBindingContext);