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radioButton and javascript event

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For ergonomy reason, I need to call a javascript function when user select a radioButton inside a radioButtonGroup.

So I need to have such a onClientClick function called on 1 of these elements.


- Can I call a javascript function on a click event on a

radioButton element ?

- If I can not, can I call a javascript function on a click event on a radioButtonGroup element ?

- Has someone an other solution to do this ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi All,

I just want to make a note that, the link given by Kirupanand refers to the WebDynPro Radio Button.

I hope, the radio butto refered by Fabien is a htmlb radio button that belongs to Enterprise Portal.

As far as a HTMLB control is concerned,

there is no onClientClick event for the radio button or radiobuttongroup. I too don't know how to implement client-eventing for radio button.



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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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hi fabien,

yes its very wel possible to call a javascript function from radio button onclick event. do the following things , it should work .

In your jsp file set the following attribute for radio button.


2. onClientClick = javascript:methodname()

write the following code inside the form.

function methodname() {

var funcName = htmlb_formid+"_getHtmlbElementId";

func = window[funcName];

var radio = eval(func("radiobutton name"));

now radio is the object refering to ur radiobutton . using the methods like getvalue(), gettext() u can play around that


Jeyasingh samuel

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Try these:

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