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R3COPY - Homogeneous system copy- control file

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i have struck up in building a new system which is going to be a copy of production system.


OS- Sun Solaris 9

Oracle -

SAP- 46C etxn kernel

1. i installed new system with R3COPY. till oracle installation it went fine and after continuing R3SETUP, its falling saying no control file available.

2. i looked into the Homogeneous system copy document given by SAP, where it given R3COPY has to be executed on source system to create a control file for the target system.

3. but as i'm going to get the backup from Production system i don't have a chance to run any scripts on it and we don't have a access to it. The Offline backup is triggred and given to us.

Please suggest me...

can i get a control file on production, with out running any scripts & use them for continuing my system copy?

or any other way to generate a contrl file?

Please help me in the regard.



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the data backup is already in place, and i build teh system using R3DBCP.R3S, which now promting for scripts, which are the control files..

please suggest for R3COPY option.



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1. Cleanup Target System

2. Resize Target File systems to match source system

3. Create CONTROL.SQL file on the Source System

3.1. Create CONTROL.SQL file using SAP tool - R3COPY

3.2 Create CONTROL.SQL file using Oracle commands

Adjust the control.sql file to meet the traget system specs and copy it to target system.

4. Procedure to prepare the Target System:

start sapinst, select system copy / oracle backup/restore option (pay attention to the schema name), and stop this process when you are prompted for running RUNINSTALLER. 5. Restore the database

6. Restart the sapinst and

that's it.

hope that helps.




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hi bala,

should i use the Restore process with BRTOOLS or should i run DBR3CP.R3S script file?

could you plz brief abt that?

while executing DBr3CP.R3S i'm getting an error ops$user not found..its not asking the path of the to restore my backup?

i have my control file, and init<SID>.ora of source system created using R3COPY tool, and where should i place these files in my target system?

Please brief about these things...



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From Bala's explaination the second step you are supposed to follow is build your target server similar to your source server. Which says...that you need to build the new system in such a way that it has all the filesystem and directories similar to the source system.

the init<SID>.ora file says where your control files can be placed...normally its placed in three places.

init<SID>.ora can be placed under $ORACLE_HOME\database

Hope this helps.


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I haven't looked at the message till now and hence the delay. Anyways, the target system should already have been built (you are going to restore the database from the source system using brtools or command line) .

The destination for the files would be similar to your source system.



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Although your at 4.6C, you still should use the latest systemcopy process which is based on SAPinst 7.0 ; and don't forget to use Oracle 9.2 client instead of Oracle 10gR2 client.