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R/3 IDoc --> Create a File containing IDoc XML

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We need to create a file which contains an IDoc in XML format, from an actual IDoc created in R/3. I have already been able to send the IDoc to XI in XML format. However, I do not know how to use this message being sent to XI to create the file.

In the configuration I tried setting up an Interface Determination which uses the IDoc type as the inbound interface, and has no Interface Mapping. However, when I do this the only End Point type I can choose is IDoc Adapter, but I do not want to convert the IDoc XML back to an actual IDoc again (I want to create a file with the IDoc XML).

Has anyone done this before, or know how to do it?



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Hi Lee,

U have to use the File Adpater from the Adpater Engine. Configure the file adapter to create a file in the Idoc XML format. U have to rebuild ur sceanrio in the Int. Repository and test it again.

Check the Adpater Engine documentation for more info.



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Hi Lee,

you got only the idoc-Adapter as an Endpoint because the namespache of an IDOC-Message type ist in SAP-IDOC namespace like urn:sap-com:document:sap:idoc:messages. This tell

XI to suggest Endpoint typ for only IDOC-Adapter.

You have to change maually the predefined namespace to something you want e.g.

After you done this you are be able to choose an endpoint that is xi-connectivity. This endpoint

is suitable for sending your idoc to an file-adapter.


Ly-Na Phu