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R/3 IDES 4.7 Installation Packages list

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I have to install R/3 4.7 EEC IDES version (SAP R/3 ENTERPRISE 47X200) on Win 2003 Server with Oracle, but I have confusion over the packages listed in the downloads.

Please help me find the exact packages needed.

I've downloaded the installation guide from market place site but I think it does not lists the steps for the IDES version.

Please provide the steps or a link to it.



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Hi Friend,

Installation Step for 4.7 IDES on Windows 2003

1.Create 2 users as

a. <SID>adm

b. SAPServices<sid>

in the Os level with full administrator rights by

right click my computer->manage->users->create-> assign administrator privilege to that user

2.Set memory parameters by configuring the virtual memory by 3:4 times as of exixting RAM

3.If a personal system means configure MSLOOPback adapter

4.Assign Valid Ip to the system

5.Dump the Export DVD's and kernel files

6.Ensure that SAP installation drive should contain more than 100 gb free size

7.Login in <Sid>adm and install oracle by giving all the parameters such as dbsid,password,

8.In the kernel cd ,import the r/3 registry entry .exe file by double clicking it

9.start installing the kernel by double clicking the file named under kernel cd as i386\...\sapinst ->select central instsance,it will log u off in the first insitallation

10.goto c:\program files \sap\sapinst - open the file and paste the contents in c:\program files \sap folder

11.execute the sapinst in the installation master and selecrt the -

>Database Instance for installation

12.then give the all the parameters for the exp1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 path and redo log path,mirrir log path then it strats installation

13.view the log files in log window

13.then it last for 8 to 12 hours for completion



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Hi Cool,

You should use standard installation guide to install IDES version.

You need the same packages like in standard installation except Export CDs/DVDs and you need more disk space.

Please read SAP Note 712920.

Regards, Nick.

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Try to download media guide from the same place you have downloaded installation guide.