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R/3-BW scenario

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We wish to implement a scenario where

we are populating a BW ods from an R/3

table , we wish to refresh our R/3 table on a

daily basis but we want our BW ODS and

cube to contain all past data .

How can we implement such an approach .

further what are the considerations we

should keep in mind while implementing

or deciding on this approach ?

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Answers (3)

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You could make daily Full Loads in order to load the daily an ODS if a updated record is loaded the data is updated ... i believe that is what you want....

With full loads in this case you can maintain historical data in ODS


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Oscar Díaz

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Oops Koops,

(Good pen name)

This simple. No need of refreshing R3 data since it is updated automatically every time a transaction data is completed.

You create 2 info packages one for the init loading and then for the delta loads.

This will keep all your past data and also the new data will be available in the BW.

Hope this helps



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1. I dont understand what do you mean by refreshing R/3 tables. R/3 tables are constantly updated as and when transactions are posted.

2. If you wan to keep history in BW, you can keep loading the cube from ODS. OR to create a custom data source out of the change log table, and extract data form it and store it in ODS or cube.

Ravi Thothadri

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By refreshing R/3 tables , I mean to blank them out everyday and reload with new/current data only . However , i wish to have all past data along with current data in BW

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As long as you have a date defined in your ODS (say Create Date) as part of the key, you can keep historical data in your ODS. To load the R/3 data, execute full loads each time. As long as you change the Create Date for each load (maybe add it as a field in your R/3 table), you will preserve your historical data.

Hope this helps.