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"XI demo examples must be configured before first use"

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Trying to execute the "Checking Flight Seat Availability" (Proxy-to-Proxy Communication) in Client 105 but there seems to be a problem. A new SAP screen states "XI demo examples must be configured before first use, Read the documentation under Help - Application Help", and unfortunately there is no content in the Help either. I am 100% sure that the example have been properly configured according to the Configuration Guide but obviously I have missed something. The BSP application in the SAP system of the Integration Server (client 105) has been activated.

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please check the following link.

Please note the following points from SAP help. please note the sentence in bold wich states that you must create the configuration objects yourself. Since different customers have different requirements in an integration scenario, Integration Directory content is not shipped. It is the task of consultants and administrators to configure the data in the Integration Directory at the customer site

The features of the demo examples include several complete integration scenarios and comprise the following parts:

· Design objects in the Integration Repository

The design objects are defined and shipped by SAP.

· Configuration objects in the Integration Directory

You must create the configuration objects yourself. SAP provides comprehensive recommendations to help you.

· Example applications

SAP has implemented example applications for the communication parties involved. These example applications also contain user interfaces. You use these to execute the demo examples.

· Configuration guide

Detailed configuration instructions for the standard configuration recommended by SAP are available for the demo examples. These describe all the steps required to configure the demo examples in detail. A basic knowledge of Process Integration is sufficient to be able to make the relevant configuration settings.

· Documentation

Besides the detailed configuration instructions, additional documentation is also available. This also describes how to use the individual demo examples and explains the technical concepts addresse

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