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"Welcome to Trial" screen when trying to open SAP Build Process Automation through Free Trial


I have a SAP BTP Free Trial account that has not expired. I have set up SAP Build Process Automation I was able to create automations up until recently. When I try to open an automation from the SAP Build Lobby, I just get a blank, white screen. Additionally, when I try to launch SAP Build Process Automation from my SAP BTP Free Trial Cockpit, I get a screen that says, "Welcome to trial!".

Below is the screen that I get when clicking launch application from the SAP BTP Free Trial Cockpit.

I was having issues last week with launching and testing my automations and now I am not even able to open my automations. I have tried deleting my subscription and setting it up again but that has not worked. I understand there is a difference between the BTP Free Trial and the Free - Tier but I believe SAP Build Process Automation should still work with the BTP Free Trial account. I may be wrong so any enlightenment would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I have had the same issue up to now. In my case, I have tried to install the "SAP Build Apps" using a Booster, which additionally installed the "Cloud Identity Services".

In the SAP BTP Cockpit, under Security/Trust Configuration, I removed the Cloud Identity Services and just left the Default Identity Provider. After that, the applications resumed working as before.