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"Server is busy" message when starting Xcelsius 4.5

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Whenever I start my Xcelsius 4.5 I get a dialog box with "Server is busy. This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose "Switch To" to activate the busy program and correct the problem".

There is no instance of Xcelsius or Excel running....after pressing "Switch To" button a number of times, it goes away and I can start working.

This happens EVERY time I open Xcelsius

Any ideas?

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Answers (2)

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The "Server is busy" error is triggered when the required resources to run Xcelsius are not available.

This can be caused by any of the following:

-Not enough memory on the Machine

-Too many applications running when Xcelsius starts (ie. Outlook.exe busy downloading email)

-Excel in the middle of editing a function/formula

-Third Party Excel add-in, which runs in the background the same time Xcelsius tries to access excel

Another reason might be a conflict when Xcelsius attempts to do an office version check. To eliminate the office version check, you'll need to apply a flag on the shortcut icon for Xcelsius.

1) create a new shortcut icon by going to the xcelsius.exe file, right-clicking on it, and create shortcut or send to desktop.

2) Right click on the new shortcut icon and choose properties. There you should see a "target" path.

3) At the end of the target path, enter a space and type: -s

For example, the target path on my machine would read:

"C:\Program Files\CrystalXcelsius\xcelsius.exe" -s

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Hi Terry

Before starting Xcelsius just check that in task manager you do no have Excel.exe runnning. If it is select it and click on End Process.

Try launching Xcesius and then see whether it behaves the same.


Kameshwari Singh

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I'm having this similar issue with the Snapshot tool. The file has an Excel application and anytime I kill the process the Xcelcius freeze.

Any guesses?