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"Rename table" - Does it physically drop+create my table?

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Hi everyone,

for my current HANA SQLScript development it would be very convenient to temporarily rename tables and then re-rename them back to their original names.

Algorythmically this may obviously be solved by two "rename table" commands -

but in case my tables are huge: can I be sure that this has no impact on DB performance?

Concretely: Does the "rename table" command physically drops- and then re-creates my table?

Since I haven't found any background information on the "rename table" command neither in the HANA SQL online documentation nor in the Development Guides:

Does anyone know if "rename table" has got any HANA DB performance impact for huge tables?

Thanks & Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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RENAME TABLE does not drop and recreate the table.

It really "only" changes the name of the table object in the catalog.

Of course it also invalidates all dependent objects and cursors which means that there will be a performance impact (although not as big as dropping and recreating the table).

- Lars

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