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"Linearize" a Table

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I'm dealing with the following scenario:

I have 2 tables with a 1:N relationship and I want to transform this into a 1:1 in the universe. I don't know if this is possible so that's why I asking. Lets say table 1 has the information:

Employee nº / Employee Name

1 John

2 David

3 Joseph

and table 2 has the following information:

Employee nº / Training Type / Training score

1 X 14

1 Y 12

1 Z 11

1 P 13

In my universe I'm not really interested in all the training types. Instead of having the training type object I would like to have it transformed into two objects: Basic Training and Advanced Training. X and Y is basic training, while Z and P are advanced training. An additional requirement is that I'm not interest in all training since they have precedences, so Y > X and P > Z. In the universe I want:

Employee nº / Basic Training Type / Basic Training Score / Advanced Training / Advanced Training Score

1 Y 12 P 13

Is this possible?

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Answers (1)

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I achieved the result using derived tables and some alias

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Can you tell me how did you achieve this?