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"Instance time" & "Date modified" fields have same timestamp

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We have SAP BO 4.2 SP 3 production environment which is stand alone system. Installed in windows 2008 server.

Recently we see that in reports history, all the scheduled instances which has ran for past dates are reflecting the same date and time stamps in "Instance Time" field. Click on "Success" field will have correct Start time and EndTime.

Eg: Instance ran on 12th sept 2017, if you see the "Instance time" field in report history it will show as 16-Jan-2019 00:00. Where as click on "success" field, will show starttime: 12-Sep-2017 01:15 and Endtime: 12-Sep-2017 01:34

Also, some of the reports, users and users & group, universes - "Date Modified" field has same date and timestamp in CMC. These objects are not modified at the same time but reflecting the new timestamp.

Eg: 4 reports inside a folder, will have same "Datemodifed" timestamp in CMC like 16-Jan-2019 00:00

Has any one faced the similar issue, if yes, what was the solution implemented to fix it.



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Were the instances migrated through promotion management? This happened to all of our instances when we migrated them from 4.1 to a new 4.2 platform. It is an issue in promotion management. I'm not sure if it has been fixed.

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Hi Brian,

I can confirm that there were no instances migrated through promotion management. We will migrated only the reports and both the source and destination environments are of same version and patch levels.

Also, another point is the timestamp which is updated twice in the reports & instances/universe/users & groups are of odd hours, where no one will login and migrate the reports/objects.