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"Incomplete logon data" using "Single Sign On when refreshing reports"

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Hi all,

I want to create a connection from Business Objects (Enterprise) to a SAP BW system by using "Single Sign On when refreshing reports on runtime".

I tried to logon as "SAP" User (<System-ID>~<Client>/<SAP User>) to the Universe Designer.

I get the error message "incomlete logon data" (the same if I logon as "Enterprise" User)

In the corresponding SAP-System I found a Shortdump (ST22) and it seems that Business objects tried to connect to SAP with an "empty" user.

But in the "Single Sign On when refreshing reports on runtime"-possibility I'm not able to type in a User and/or Password.

So I assume Business Objects takes the User / Password from my logon to the Universe Designer. ???

What do I have to do to forward my User / Password from my logon to the Universe Designer to the connection to SAP BW?

If I use the option to specify a dedicated User and Password (e. g. mine) everything works fine!

It also works to logon with my SAP-User(<System-ID>~<Client>/<SAP User>) e. g. to the Business Objects InfoView or CMS...

Thank you very much for your help.



Edited by: Klaus Buchner on Aug 20, 2009 2:13 PM

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Hi Klaus

Prior to sign on to any businessobjects products using SAP authentication mode you have first to setup it in the CMC.

Connec to the BusinessObject Central Managment Console (CMC) using an administrator login on the entreprise authentication mode.

Then goto the Authentication page, you should have an SAP entry (if not check you have installed correctly the SAP toolkit). Double click on it this will show up a dialog box to setup the SAP authentication mode.

On this page you will precise your SAP system to log on, an SAP login and password and few other information (logon group ...)

You will then be able to import into your CMS your SAP users and you will be able to connect using the SAP authentication mode.

Hope this helps