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"Error when generating the data provider " in WAD

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Hello All,

I created a web template 3 months ago, and that template was working fine until now. Today i did some changes to the Query and saved the query in Bex. When i go back and execute the query in WAD, it is giving the erorr msg " error when generating data provider".

Detailed error msg:


Data provider could not be created in your Web application.

<b>System response</b>

Cannot start the Web application.


Check whether the data provider (query or query view) has been correctly specified in or deleted from the Web template.

Also check, if neither of the above applies, whether the query can be called up from the query designer.

Procedure for System Administration

Notification Number BRAIN 282

Steps i have done so far:

I executed the query in RSRT and it worked fine there.No errors.

In Bex, i dont have any errors in Bex.

I deleted the cache in WAD.

I logged out of all the sessions and logged back in.

But after all these steps, still i am not able to execute the report on WAD.

Can any one shed some light here please..

Thanks in advance


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Answers (1)

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I found the solution foe this.

I created some cell refeences on one structure. the same structure is used in several palces. After some time i delted one element from strucutre in one place. but cell referenes are still exist in other queries and they casued the error in WAD.

When i deleted the cell referenes (in help cells) it worked fine.