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"Error in formula function RSAR 535" & "Exception CX_RS_ERROR"

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Dear Experts,

One of our KF was throwing error when loading from one ODS to one infocube.

The KF is composed of simple infoobjects (no compound.)

But the system kept giving the following error "InfoObject (version A) is not compounded" in DEV as well as QA.

I checked previous messages: tried deactivating, reactivating, did not work.

I found 2 other notes that refer to R7057 error message.

So I implemented 1241255 and 1253304 but now I have 2 new errors :

1. "Error in formula function RSAR 535"

2. "Exception CX_RS_ERROR occurred (program: CL_RSTRAN_RUNTIME_EXE==========CP, include: CL_RSTRAN_RUNTIME_EXE==========CM001, line 231).

Message no. RS_EXCEPTION000

I don't know how to proceed now.

Has anyone encountered this type of issues?


Edited by: alice rouze on Apr 6, 2010 10:30 AM

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Hi Alice,

Check below notes and apply if necessary as it ie more related to your problem.

Note 855424 for BW 3.X versions

Note 1155839 for BI 7.0 version.

Hope this resolves your issue.



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Dear Reddy,

We are using BI7 SP19.

1155839 is SP18...

Unfortunately cannot be implemented.

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While investigating I noticed that one of the Master Data extraction was not OK.

I wonder if that could be causing the issue.

0customer_text delta keeps hanging (init is OK but delta is always "red".)

Anyone got any clue?


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Dear experts,

The error was coming from 'empty' records not being processed correctly by a transformation.

The problem was fixed by adding a routine to take care of the blank record in the package.

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I am also facing the same problem with the issue. Could you please explain me what the routine did you used in this case.

Thanks for your reply, in advance.


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Hi Khan,

I got the same error and after debugging i found that i had the input file which has a date with a formula conversion was wrong. The date format from the source system was in YYYYMMDD which needs to be MMDDYYYY. I got it corrected and error went away.

Try finding if you have any transformation/conversion with respect to date.

Let me know.